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Regional Experiences

Highlights of Poland - Insight Vacations

Go on, pick a place in Europe that you’ve always longed to visit. Poland? Italy? Switzerland? Our Regional Experiences are carefully planned to enable you to explore one specific country or region in depth, really getting to know its people, traditions and culture.


  • Take the funicular railway to Capri town before descending to the port by open-top taxi ‘Capri, the Isle of Dreams’
  • Enjoy a private tour of Trinity College with fast-track entry to the Book of Kells. ‘Focus on Ireland’.
  • Join a Local Expert historian for an in-depth exploration of this historic 'Holy Grail' in Krakow. ‘Highlights of Poland

Featured Trips

  • A private tour of Trinity College with fast-track entry to the Book of Kells, a Jaunting Car ride in Killarney, luscious green countryside, dramatic coastal scenery and the ‘lilt’ of Irish voices all make for an exceptional journey.

  • Cruise the waters of the Adriatic in comfort and style onboard your modern mega yacht. Discover new ports of call each day, hidden coves and ancient sites steeped in history. Step ashore to experience the cultural diversity of Dalmatia's islands or bask under the sun, swim or read a good book.

  • Step into a world of snow-capped mountains, traditional alpine villages and warm hospitality. This idyllic journey takes you to fairy-tale castles, breathtaking peaks and storybook meadows. Along the way you’ll meet Local Experts and passionate foodies who will share local specialties, such as fondue and creamy chocolate, with you. Stay in luxurious hotels, see beautiful cities and marvel at some of the most extraordinary scenery on the planet.



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